One of the unique features in MarketSmith is the option to filter the database of over 7000 stocks into a manageable list that meets criteria in line with your investing objectives.

I recently created a screen focused on strong sales. I also included a high RS Rating which will compare the price performance of a stock versus all other stocks in the database.

The screen looks as follows:

Notice the MarketSmith database has 7792 stocks. With the screen I was able to filter this list down to 30 results, which are shown below:

Goal of the Screen

Traditional CAN SLIM principles focus on strong sales and earnings. However, there may be potential opportunities in companies that lack earnings, such as IPO’s and biotechnology firms.

As an example, the EPS and sales for GSX is below. The company went public on 6/6/2019. Notice the strong growth in sales.

Despite minimal earnings, GSX has been on an impressive upward trend since its IPO in June.