MonthMarch 2020

View Top-Rated Institutional Sponsors For Any Stock

The “I” in CAN SLIM stands for Institutional sponsorship. If a top-rated fund has a position in a stock, that’s a positive sign.

With MarketSmith you can search for and flag institutional sponsors. Once flagged, you can quickly view if an institutional sponsor holds a position in a stock.

In this video I’ll walk through the steps to find and flag top-rated sponsors. I’ll also show how to determine if a stock has top-rated funds holding a position.

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Webby’s Red House Screen

With today’s nice outside Day 1 action, I thought I’d create a new screen, calling it… “Webby’s Red House”

Keep your watch list up to date!!! An FTD (follow through day) could be just over yonder. @IBDinvestors @MarketSmith

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What Would Webby Do – 3/6/20

What follows is Mike Webster‘s What Would Webby Do for the week of 3/6/2020. The content is a mirror of what Mike originally posted on Twitter with the hashtag #WWWD. Beginning on March 13th, 2020, Mike’s series moved to and became the Weekend Market Update.

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