Tips & Tricks

Tips, tricks and tutorials on how to get most out of MarketSmith.

RS Line vs RS Rating - What’s the Difference?

A common question regarding MarketSmith: what is the difference between the RS Line and RS Rating?

I originally wrote a short post describing the differences (see below). The video tutorial that follows provides some additional insight as well as highlights several examples on how to use both indicators when scanning for growth stocks.

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Set Alerts at Profit and Loss Shaded Areas

Here’s a MarketSmith tip on how to quickly set an alert at the shaded areas indicating profit or loss. The primary benefit of the approach I’ll show below is that MarketSmith will do the math to determine the price for the relevant gain or loss.

As a reminder: The blue shaded area is 0 to 5% above the pivot price. The profit target, green shaded area, is 20%+ above the pivot. The red shaded area is 5%+ below the pivot.

Begin by moving your mouse over a shaded and right-click. A small pop-up will appear with the text Set Alert. Tap on the pop-up and a dialog with the alert price will be shown. Tape Done to set the alert.

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Fix for MarketSmith Charts Cutoff on Upper Right

Here are two quick workarounds if you find the top right of a MarketSmith chart is not viewable.

Option #1 - Zoom In

This is the option that I prefer as once the zoom level is changed, all the charts (in theory) should show within the constraints of the display area.

On the downside, the zoom is applied to all the content on the display. For instance, the font size will also be larger so there may be fewer lines of EPS and Sales information shown in the lower left of the Fundamentals area when viewing a weekly chart.

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Finding and Tracking Shared MarketSmith Screens

Rather than re-invent the wheel and always build screens from the ground up, with MarketSmith, you can search and find screens that other users have created and shared.

In the short video that follows, I’ll walk through how to find several screens created by Chris Gessel, IBD’s Chief Content Officer. I’ll also show a quick tip on how to track a screen, such that you’ll have quick access to those same screens in the future.

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