Screens within MarketSmith can help to narrow the universe  of stocks based on criteria that match your investing style and risk tolerance.

Bucking the Trend - RS Line New High Screen

The Nasdaq has been on a steady decline since last Thursday (9/3/2020). Today the Nasdaq officially closed below both the 50-day and the 10-week moving averages.

How about a screen looking for stocks bucking the trend? This screen focuses on:

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How Mark Minervini Uses His Trend Templates

One of the most viewed posts on this site is Custom Screens From Mark Minervini’s Trend Templates.

Given the current state of the market, this is an ideal time to revisit the trend templates. What follows are a few quotes from Mark Minervini on his thought process and how he incorporates the templates into his own research routine. The information is based on an interview with Mark that appeared in a previous edition of MarketSmith’s Q1 Stock Guide.

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Screening for Long Term Leaders

Based on a recent request, I created a MarketSmith screen to filter based on criteria that may be applicable to long term leaders.

Here’s my thought process on each of the criteria:

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It All Starts with Sales - Sales Acceleration Screen

In traditional CAN SLIM, strong earnings and sales are key. With that said, there are many excellent growth stocks that are good candidates for a watchlist, yet they have minimal or no earnings to date.

Many of my screens start with a similar set of criteria:

  • Price over $20
  • 20,000,000 in dollar volume
  • Composite Rating of 90+

I find this is a solid baseline, adjust as you like. With 20,000,000 in dollar volume, you are ensured there is adequate liquidity.

For this particular screen, notice the reference to sales acceleration for the last three quarters. For the most recent quarter sales, I’m looking for an increase of at least 25%.

FVRR is a good example of a stock from the result set that has strong sales growth, a monster move over the past few months, yet only one quarter of earnings posted.

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