In the Fall of 2019, I read William O’Neil’s book How to Make Money in Stocks. Although I’ve read many books on investing over the years, Bill’s CAN SLIM approach made sense to me. The benefits of fundamental analysis seemed self-evident. Technical analysis, the study of charts, wasn’t on my radar.

My focus here is on the educational side of CAN SLIM and investing in growth stocks.

About Me

I’ve been involved in software development for over 30 years, with the first 20 focused on software architecture and engineering. Since 2008, I’ve worked as a consultant, investor and mentor.

I’ve had the great fortune to work with many well-known companies and brands including: NBC Universal, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, IBM, HBO, Sony, GM, Snoop Dogg, Warner Brothers, among others.

I’ve written for many publications as well as authored a best-selling mobile developer book that was translated into two foreign languages.

As I go about mastering CAN SLIM investing, I am constantly learning new concepts. I have no doubt that the questions that arise in my mind are shared by others. This blog is one way that I can give back to the community.

My two minutes of fame: I created Snoop Dogg’s iPhone app that was featured on The Tonight Show.

Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome.

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