Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks to make the most of the TradingView platform.

View Past Volume Stats for Any Bar on Any Timeframe

When using the (free) Relative Volume Pro indicator I wrote for TradingView, you can view past volume stats such as volume, average volume, Relative Volume and % change for any bar, in any timeframe. This can be very handy to get a closer look at the volume details for any point in time.

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Install the latest release of Relative Volume Pro - Realtime Volume Flow.

Hide Indicator Arguments and Values in TradingView

One of the most common questions I am asked about TradingView is how to hide all the information that is shown after the indictor name in the upper left.

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Measure Tool and How to Determine Price Gain or Loss

Here’s a short tutorial on how to quickly gauge a price move in @TradingView using the Measure tool. I hope you find it helpful.

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Add Tweets onto a TradingView Chart

Here’s a short tutorial on how to add Tweets directly onto your TradingView timeline!

What’s equally as cool is that the tweet will appear on the chart at the same date/time as the original tweet!

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Overlay S&P 500 Index on Top of the RS Line Indicator

Here’s a quick trick showing how to overlay the S&P 500 on the RS Line indicator in @TradingView. This can be helpful to see the divergence between the two and get a visual when a stock is outperforming the market.

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