MonthAugust 2020

Custom Screens From Mark Minervini’s Trend Templates

Last week on IBD’s Investing Podcast, Irusha Peiris interviewed Mark Minervini. As always, there was a lot great information to be had. One discussion that I found particularly intriguing was the integration of Mark’s trend templates into MarketSmith, more specifically, the option to create your own custom screens using the results of the trend template as the baseline set of stocks.

The short video that follows outlines the steps.

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Mike Webster’s What Would Webby Do #WWWD

When Mike Webster started his What Would Webby Do series, he posted the content on Twitter. Each weekly update focused on day-by-day analysis of the Nasdaq Composite as well as the big picture view of the technical action throughout the week.

Mike’s articles are published here to make the content easier to navigate. Beginning on March 13th, 2020, the weekly updates moved to and became the Weekend Stock Market Update.


Configure Regression Channel in thinkorswim

On IBDLive, Chris Gessel often uses @thinkorswim to highlight technical action. Chris has been using a regression line that is discussed by Mike Webster on his Weekly Stock Market Update.

I’ve created a similar configuration that I thought others might find helpful. The image below shows the configuration that I describe in the steps that follow. Notice how the highs and lows of the Nasdaq Composite have held within the half standard deviations.

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Webby’s RSI in thinkscript

Mike Webster is the creator of Webby’s RSI (really simple indicator), a gauge on the health of an uptrend. Mike previously discussed the RSI in IBD’s Weekend Stock Market Update. You can read more about the RSI here.

Mike wrote the indictor in EasyLanguage for the TradeStation platform. Here’s how Webby’s RSI (bottom third of the chart) looks in TradeStation:

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Webby’s Help Screen

Are you struggling to build your watchlist? No worries, Help Is On The Way 😂

I built a @MarketSmith Webby’s Help Screen ☮️

@IBDinvestors #DaysBetween @jerrygarcia

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