MarketSmith Screens

Screens within MarketSmith can help to narrow the universe  of stocks based on criteria that match your investing style and risk tolerance.

Webby’s Texas Flood Screen

Yes, I am addicted to custom screens. I’ll stop soon 😂

Search for the next winner here! Webby’s Texas Flood @MarketSmith screen.

Yes, I created that screen so I could send this guilt free 😂😂

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Webby’s Tell Screen for Down Days

Screening on down days in the market is very helpful. Focus on stocks that are down less than the market AND have high closing ranges.

Webby’s Tell @MarketSmith screen. @IBDinvestors

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Webby’s Swing Trader Watchlist

I’ve been asked for my @IBDinvestors SWINGTrader Watch List. Here you go… Webby’s ST Universe @MarketSmith screen.

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Webby’s Model Book Screen

Webby’s Homework (don’t look away…I see you 😂)

To catch the next big one, study the last big one. Change date to the pivots, go week by week and take notes!

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Webby’s Screen for Liquid, High Quality Stocks

It’s never too late to build your watch list. Here’s a @MarketSmith
screen for liquid quality names. Webby’s Thick.

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