Post Analysis

Post analysis is key to becoming a better trader. In this section, I’ll share details of a few trades and what I learned in the process.

TSLA Swing Trades

Given how quickly TSLA can move, in both directions, at this point I’m more comfortable with swing trades over a position trade. With that said, had I purchased TSLA in the $100-$200 range, I’d probably have a completely different perspective.

All the details of my swing trades are shown in the image that follows:

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Post Analysis of Mastercard (MA) Trade

Below is a post analysis of my recent trade of Mastercard (MA). All the details of the trade are shown in the chart.

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Post Analysis of ENPH Trade

This is a post analysis I did of a recent trade of ENPH. All the details are on the chart.

There was a good discussion on Twitter about the post analysis. See the Twitter reference below.

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