MarketSmith Screens

Screens within MarketSmith can help to narrow the universe  of stocks based on criteria that match your investing style and risk tolerance.

Webby’s Rocky Anti-TKO Screen

As a companion to my @IBDinvestors SMU, Stock Market Update: The Raging Bull Avoids A TKO, I created a Webby’s Rocky Anti-TKO @MarketSmith Screen Hope it helps!

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Webby’s Anti-Junk Screen

Because junk is Flying High Again 🤘🤘🤘

Webby’s Anti-Junk @MarketSmith Screen.

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Webby’s Deja VooDoo Screen

I heard some of you wanted more homework 😂

Here’s a new screen with some oldies but goodies. Webby’s Deja Voodoo @MarketSmith Screen.

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Webby’s Them Changes Screen

With lots of downside reversals in great leading stocks…some may need to pause and catch their breath.

Here’s where the rotation went…do some homework. Webby’s Them Changes @MarketSmith screen.

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Webby’s Fastest Sales Growth Screen

Hey, I’ve been asked to build a screen-based of the FASTEST sales growth stocks. Here you go! I hope you dig it! @MarketSmith @IBDinvestors

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