Webby Archive

Archive of Mike Webster’s “What Would Webby Do” series as well as a collection of Mike’s MarketSmith screens. Both were originally shared on Twitter.

Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 6/29/20

Following are three charts based on @mwebster1971‘s stock market update The Raging Bull At New Highs. Hopefully these provide some additional context to the week’s technical action.

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Weekend at Webby’s Screen

Weekend at Webby’s @MarketSmith Screen.

On weekends cast a wider net…it will help give you a feel for the market & where the money is flowing. @IBDinvestors

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Webby’s Crossfire Screen

Don’t get stranded in the crossfire! Webby’s Crossfire @MarketSmith screen.

@SRVOfficial @IBDinvestors #StayAwayFromSteviesStatue

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Webby’s Texas Flood Screen

Yes, I am addicted to custom screens. I’ll stop soon 😂

Search for the next winner here! Webby’s Texas Flood @MarketSmith screen.

Yes, I created that screen so I could send this guilt free 😂😂

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Webby’s Tell Screen for Down Days

Screening on down days in the market is very helpful. Focus on stocks that are down less than the market AND have high closing ranges.

Webby’s Tell @MarketSmith screen. @IBDinvestors

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