Webby Archive

Archive of Mike Webster’s “What Would Webby Do” series as well as a collection of Mike’s MarketSmith screens. Both were originally shared on Twitter.

Webby’s Recession-Proof Screen

To get through a recession you need sales growth! Also as @Canny4 likes to say, follow price! So heavy on RS.

My latest Webby’s Recession-Proof @MarketSmith screen. @IBDinvestors @jackie_greene

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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 6/29/20

Following are three charts based on @mwebster1971‘s stock market update The Raging Bull At New Highs. Hopefully these provide some additional context to the week’s technical action.

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Weekend at Webby’s Screen

Weekend at Webby’s @MarketSmith Screen.

On weekends cast a wider net…it will help give you a feel for the market & where the money is flowing. @IBDinvestors

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Webby’s Crossfire Screen

Don’t get stranded in the crossfire! Webby’s Crossfire @MarketSmith screen.

@SRVOfficial @IBDinvestors #StayAwayFromSteviesStatue

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