MonthApril 2020

Webby’s Tight Screen

I tend to share loose screens… so I thought I’d switch it up…

Webby’s Tight @MarketSmith screen. @IBDinvestors

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Webby’s Double Wide Screen

When the market is this strong & at key levels, it’s worth casting a wide net. I just made this Webby DoubleWide @MarketSmith Screen. @IBDinvestors

Feel free to build it yourself and make it a triple wide.

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2020 Nasdaq Correction Versus 1998

Following is a visual summary I created based on Mike Webster’s discussion on IBDLive, highlighting the similarities of the 1998 Nasdaq market correction and today’s market.

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Webby’s Cream Screen

Staying flexible as we will be at the crossroads VERY soon.

Today’s action by the leaders was VERY impressive, Cream rises to the top…so here is my new Webby Cream @MarketSmith screen.

@IBDinvestors @EricClapton

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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 04/06/20

Below are two graphics to accompany Mike Webster’s IBD Weekend Stock Market Update: Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down’ FTD. The focus of the charts is to highlight the technical action throughout the week.

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