MonthApril 2020

Webby’s Angus Rocks Screen

With Angus back in the house… I thought I’d create a new @MarketSmith screen with today’s action in mind.

It’s the “Webby Angus Rocks” screen @IBDinvestors @IBD_Irusha @jonny49er 😀

Hey, I was just asked why this screen. On huge days, you want to look for stocks that were pulling up the market…rather than being pulled along with it.

The focus (besides basic housekeeping):

  • Off high better than the market
  • Solid closing range
  • Big % move
  • At least some volume
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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 03/30/20

Below are two graphics to accompany Mike Webster’s IBD Weekend Stock Market Update: Belated April Fool’s Follow-Through Day. The charts depict the week’s technical action using Mike’s article as a guide.

The first image is the 30,000 foot view of the week’s action:

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RS Line vs RS Rating – What’s the Difference?

Although both values appear next to each other on a MarketSmith chart, the RS Line and RS Rating are quite different in what information they represent. To create a visual to indicate these values are unique, I’ve drawn a red box around the RS Line and a green box around the RS Rating.

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