MonthMay 2020

Webby’s Them Changes Screen

With lots of downside reversals in great leading stocks…some may need to pause and catch their breath.

Here’s where the rotation went…do some homework. Webby’s Them Changes @MarketSmith screen.

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Webby’s Fastest Sales Growth Screen

Hey, I’ve been asked to build a screen-based of the FASTEST sales growth stocks. Here you go! I hope you dig it! @MarketSmith @IBDinvestors

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Post Analysis of Mastercard (MA) Trade

Below is a post analysis of my recent trade of Mastercard (MA). All the details of the trade are shown in the chart.

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Webby’s Don’t Buy Extended Screen

Bono called, @U2 -“Hey Webby, dude, I had a great B-day!

It was a really beautiful day, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…can you build me a cool @MarketSmith screen?”

Webby “Ok, but don’t buy extended or you’ll get Vertigo”

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Facebook in 2013 and AAXN, CHGG and TWLO

Ajay Jani mentioned on Twitter it may be worthwhile to revisit Facebook’s move back in 2013 and compare with stocks over the past couple of weeks that have had similar gains in price and volume. The goal is to gain insight into how Facebook progressed after its big move up. Maybe this will foretell how stocks with similar price and volume signatures may play out in the coming weeks.

To begin, we’ll look at two charts of Facebook, paying attention to the price, volume and its upward trend. We’ll follow this with a look at three stocks, AAXN, CHGG and TWLO.

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