MonthJune 2020

Alternate Entry: Shakeout + 3

The following image walks through two examples of how to determine an entry price for a stock purchase using Shakeout + 3.

Webby’s Screen for Liquid, High Quality Stocks

It’s never too late to build your watch list. Here’s a @MarketSmith
screen for liquid quality names. Webby’s Thick.

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Power Trends Charted on Nasdaq and S&P 500

Mike Webster and Irusha Peiris recently discussed power trends on the Investing with IBD Podcast. Ajay Jani took the time to code the concept in an Excel document which shows power trends for both the Nasdaq and S&P.

The orange indicator in the charts that follow, highlights where the power trend is on. The Nasdaq chart goes back to 1984 and the S&P 500 back to 1962. Richard Moglen helped Ajay with data acquisition.

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Webby’s Rocky Anti-TKO Screen

As a companion to my @IBDinvestors SMU, Stock Market Update: The Raging Bull Avoids A TKO, I created a Webby’s Rocky Anti-TKO @MarketSmith Screen Hope it helps!

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Stock Market Update Charts – Week of 6/8/20

Following are three charts based on @mwebster1971‘s stock market update The Raging Bull Avoids A TKO. Hopefully these will provide some additional visual context to the week’s technical action.

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