Rather than re-invent the wheel and always build screens from the ground up, with MarketSmith, you can search and find screens that other users have created and shared.

In the short video that follows, I’ll walk through how to find several screens created by Chris Gessel, IBD’s Chief Content Officer. I’ll also show a quick tip on how to track a screen, such that you’ll have quick access to those same screens in the future.

Additional Screen Authors and Search Ideas

Here are a few author ids that you might like to search for as shown in the video:

  • Chris Gessel (IBD Chief Content Officer) - ied33
  • David Ryan (3 time winner US Investing Champion)- dryan310
  • MarketSmith - MARKETSMITH

In addition, you can search for keywords. For example, search for “Webster” or “Webby” and you’ll find screens that MarketSmith users have created based on many of the screens shared by Mike Webster.