A goldmine of information can be found by looking at the stock holdings of top growth funds. This short tutorial will show you how to find this information in MarketSmith.

I’ve included a short list of several highly regarded growth funds that you can review for their holdings. I’ll also cover a few additional ways to locate fund holdings if you are not a MarketSmith subscriber.

Growth Funds and Their Top Holdings

Begin by entering a fund into the search box. Lord Abbett are fans of the CAN SLIM investing style - let’s start with their Growth Leaders fund (LGLAX). Once the fund information is shown, open the side panel on the right side.

Once the side panel information is shown, in the lower right you’ll see the top holdings for the fund. The results are sorted by the largest holding first.

At this point you can click on any of the stocks shown to open the relevant chart.

If you are interested to see the entire list of holding, tap on the Show All Holdings button.

An additional benefit of this view is that you can sort the stocks in the list by your preferred criteria. For example, I often sort the list based on the Composite Rating (you’ll need to scroll the results to the right to see Comp Rating column).

Growth Funds To Review for Stock Ideas

Following are several growth funds, and their holdings, that I like to keep an eye on:

MACGX - Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund
LGLAX - Lord Abbett Growth Leaders
LAGWX - Lord Abbett Developing Growth
FCNTX - Fidelity Contra Fund
FMAGX - Fidelity Magellan
OPOCX - Invesco Discovery
PRNHX - T. Rowe Price New Horizons
PRGFX - T. Rowe Price Growth
BGRIX - Baron Growth Fund
ALSAX - Alger Small Cap Growth
FKGRX - Franklin Growth Series

Finding Mutual Fund Holdings Without MarketSmith

It is required by the SEC that mutual funds publish their holdings every quarter. Here are a few additional options to find the holdings for mutual funds:

  • Brokers generally offer an abundance of information on mutual funds. For example, the links in the previous section were found via the search feature at Fidelity.com
  • You can also visit the website for the mutual fund of interest. For example, you can find the holdings of T. Rowe Price funds here.