This TradingView indicator displays volume based on the current timeframe. For example, on a daily chart the volume represents the volume for the day. On a weekly chart, the volume is cumulative for the week.

There is also an option to configure the volume moving average lengths. The default for a daily chart is to calculate the 50-day moving average. On a weekly chart, the default is the 10-week moving average.

■ Configure moving average lengths for various chart timeframes.
■ Set width of volume bars.
■ Option to set bar color based on the previous close.

One goal of this indicator is help others who are interested to learn Pine Script. The code is open source and I’ve included an abundance of comments. In future updates, I’ll show additional Pine Script features and scripting concepts.

Head over to TradingView to install the latest release of the Volume with Configurable Moving Averages.